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Welcome to UK Visas! Our user-friendly system allows you to start your British visa application online & receive expert assistance at each step of the way. We'll take the stress out of your next visa - apply online today!

Online UK Visa Services

Welcome to UK Visas! Our user-friendly system allows you to start your British visa application online & receive expert assistance at each step of the way. We'll take the stress out of your next visa - apply online today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does UK Visas actually issue the visa?

No. Visas can only be issued by the British High Commission. UK Visas is a third party service provider that may apply on your behalf, but the decision to issue your visa rests solely with the British High Commission.

Am I guaranteed that my visa will be approved?

No, as we do not issue the visas ourselves. The British High Commission will process your application and grant the visa if they feel that your application meets the requirements for a visa to be approved.

Is UKVisas affiliated with the embassy, consulate or submission centre?

No, UKVisas is a service provider and as such we are not affiliated with the embassy, consulate or submission centres.

Do I have to complete a visa application for each person travelling with me?

Yes, each applicant needs to complete his/her own application, including supporting documents.

Does each applicant need to pay the related fees?

Yes, each applicant needs to pay the fee listed on our home page, which includes the visa fees as well as our service fees.

What is the cost of applying for a UK Visa?

The price for a visa varries based on the length of your stay, the costs of doing your UK visa with us, are currently:

We also offer Transit Visas, which are currently priced:

These include your visa application fee as well as our service fees, but exclude biometrics submission fees. Please note that there is an additional charge at the TLS contact centres when submitting your biometrics.

What experience does UK Visas have in applying for my UK Visa on my behalf?

Our staff have a combined experience of 14 years in submitting UK Visa Applications and we are experts in preparing your documents for the best possible chance at a successful outcome.

Can you assist me with an emergency visa?

The Average processing time for a Visa is up to 30 days, standard processing time is 15 to 20 working days after the day of the appointment at the TLS Centre Applications that are purely submitted late, however can pay a fee to expedite the visa processing time.

If my visa is denied, what should I do?

Should your visa be denied, you may appeal this directly with the High Commission, however UK Visas does not assist with the appeals process.

If my visa is denied, will I get a refund?

No, the fees paid to the High Commission and to UK Visas are for submitting and processing your visa application. The fees are not tied to the successful issuance of a visa. Should your visa be denied, no refund will be given.

Do I need a confirmed Air Ticket for my visa application?

NO, an air ticket is not a requirement for a visa application and should you choose to book your ticket prior to obtaining the visa, you do so at the risk that the visa might not be processed in time for your departure date. In such a case, you will have to move your ticket to a date after your visa has been approved. For the visa application, only a flight itinerary (or flight quote) is needed to indicate the dates on which you wish to travel to the UK.

Why do I need to submit bank statements?

The High Commission requires that you submit original bank statements. From your statement, they are able to determine whether you have obligations to return to your country of origin (Such as mortgage payments, vehicle finance down-payments, etc.) and can ascertain your risk of overstaying your visa, as well as whether you can afford to visit the UK.

Is it safe to upload my bank statements on your website?

Yes, we treat all applicant information as extremely confidential. Please see our Privacy Policy for more detail.

I work for myself, can I draw up my own employment letter?

Yes, however you need to include supporting documents to prove your business ownership, like business registration documents, tax documentation and a letter from your auditor.

What is the difference between a normal birth certificate and an unabridged birth certificate?

A normal birth certificate only includes the child’s details, whereas the unabridged birth certificate includes the full names and ID numbers of both the parents and the child. This serves as confirmation that a child is born to his/her parents.

Why do I need to submit an unabridged birth certificate?

An unabridged birth certificate allows the High Commission to ensure that visas are not issued to child trafficking syndicates, by confirming the identity and relationship of parents and minors.

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